Display functional art in your home. This modern bookshelf offers an aesthetically clean way to bring furniture art into your home. Inspired by floating shapes intertwined, this bookshelf is a statement piece that draws attention and starts conversations. 

Each table is built to individually from gorgeous and sturdy American Black Walnut and New England Hard Maple hardwood which is hand-finished with several coats of natural oils and waxes for a warm and safe luster. It is inlayed with premium brass dowels and splines that are both beautiful and add extra stability to the joints. Due to the unique nature of wood, each bookshelf will have individual wood grain patterns.

Width: 38 in.
Height: 66in
Depth: 9.5 in.

Proudly hand-built in Portland, OR. by The Iron Roots Designs

Floating Shelves Modern Bookshelf with Brass Inlay