Love the idea of living out of suitcases? 

This Suitcase Dresser is perfect for those who dream of travel. Using only large, vintage Samsonite suitcases dating back to the 1940's, these drawers are authentic and beautiful. Each dresser is proudly hand-built in Portland, OR and is custom built to your specifications. 

The Suitcase Dresser is built to order. That means that we build your dresser specifically for your tastes. You'll get to choose the suitcase colors and styles from a variety of choices. Then the dresser is hand-painted your choice of color.

Unique Suitcase Dresser

Primary Color
  • Due to the unique quality of this dresser, dimensions vary with each dresser. However, for a four suitcase dresser like in the product photos, dimensions are roughly:

    Height: 36 in. (add 9 inches per additional suitcase)
    Width: 24 in.
    Depth: 18 in.

  • Items may be returned within 45 days of receiving the item. If you would like a refund, please contact us before you send it back. In order to be refunded, the item must be returned in the same condition as received. After the item is returned in the same condition, the refund will be administered. The refund will be for the price of the item, not including shipping.