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Natural Harmony
Collection Lookbook

Natural Harmony
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Hardwood Lights

Collection Lookbook

Brick & Mortar Stockists

Metro Lighting - Berkeley, CA
Influent Home - Berkeley, CA
The Viking Trader - Berkeley, CA
Stag & Manor - San Francisco, CA
Coast Lighting - Redwood City, CA

Bell and Brass - Benicia, CA
Curate Studio - San Anselmo, CA
Iron Horse Home - Santa Cruz, CA
Lights of Diablo - Martinez, CA
The Good Mod - Portland, OR
HomePlace PDX - Portland, OR

Legacy Modern - Portland, OR
What's New Furniture - Portland, OR
Breeze and Branch - Portland, OR
Ford Grey - Portland, OR
West Avenue Furniture - Eugene, OR
OHouse Interiors - Beaverton, OR
Dahlia Home & Garden - Canby, OR
Artistree - Troutdale, OR
Celebrate Me Home - Troutdale, OR
Woodsellers Parkway Furniture - Salem, OR
Foothill Family Furniture - Tacoma, WA
Capers Home - Seattle, WA
Juxtaposition - Camas, WA
Wood Shop - Leavenworth, WA
Viva Marketplace - South Hero, VA
Draper Mercantile - Draper, VA
Ashker's on Elmwood - Niagara Falls, NY
Slim and Knobby's Bikes - Herby, UT
The Light Center - Fort Collins, CO
Nest - Clarksville, MD
Cafe Zippy - Everett, WA
Loop and Tie - Carrolton, TX
The Shopkeep Co. - Terry, MS
Crave Moab- Moab, UT
Bargain Barrio - Tucson, AZ
Courtney McCord ELEMENT Designs - National City, CA
Ironwood Supply Co. - Valencia, CA
Wild Soul River - Williamstown, MA
Roots Garden Center - Billings, MT
Watson & Willow - Wilton, ON, Canada
Made Ya Look - Trevorton, PA
Aquascape Studio and Supply - Issaquah, WA
Forever Home - Lake Almanor, CA
Under the Stairs - UK


Wholesale is available on most of our products

We prefer to wholesale directly with stores and build relationships. Just send us a message on our Contact page or at

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